12 Oct



That is the depth and breadth of brand awareness. Here, the salience of Red Bull is clearly associated with the blue and white can that contains energy drinks. When you ask people to talk about this particular brand, they will first talk about the drink and right after about the catchphrase that is also well-known by the public. The idea, here, is that Red Bull is really associated with the idea of “drinking energy and power”: “If I drink Red Bull, I will stay awake during a longer time and/or my intellectual and physical capacities will be increased”. Moreover, as the logo is well recognizable and as is also well representative of the brand name, people will quickly make the link between those two red bulls fighting together and our brand. Finally, in a second time, what comes to the consumers’ mind is the brand image of non-conformity and extreme sports. Indeed, Red Bull has built a strong imaginary around its product thanks to ownership and event management and this particular environment is also well perceived by the public.


The main performance associated with Red Bull is the provision of energy and that is exactly why people consume its products. The second part of the Red Bull performance is that it is a quite “new” brand on the French market but it has become a “classic” brand in the consumers’ mind because of a really distinctive logo and a famous catchphrase. Also, Red Bull is the number one energy drink in the world, but only with a very low range of product: Red Bull has created the energy drink market and has now about 70% of its market share in the world. But if Red Bull has fewer products than in other brand, it is important to note that the brand can rely on an elegant design for its cans that is more recognizable than the other ones due to its colors. Moreover, its capacity to create a “world of Red Bull” around such a simple can has created respect around this brand than came from a start-up to an enormous multinational in quite a little time. As a leader, Red Bull also adopts a premium price strategy: it is the more expensive brand on the market for fewer beverages in a can, but for Red Bull “quality is far more important than quality”, and it works!


One of the most striking points of Red Bull is that you can consume this drink in many circumstances: indeed, you just have to feel asleep or want remain awake longer. If first Red Bull was largely associated with the younger public, the brand is now becoming a product that can help any kind of people in their daily life: people who feel tired on the road, people who want to work late, people who feel asleep at work and want to improve their intellectual performances, people who make sport and then want to improve their physical performances, gamers who want to play all night long, or clubbers who like to mix Red Bull with alcohol or who just want to have an energy boost before going to party. All in all, Red Bull is associated with fun and entertainment as well as work and tiredness.


According to its consumers, Red Bull is effectively the number one energy drink in the world. This place can be explained by an image of superiority compared to its competitors, but also a good reputation and brand identity. Indeed, if Red Bull is so powerful it is also because the brand is everywhere its consumers look and always with an “off-the-wall” spirit. Moreover, if Red Bull is the number one even by being the most expensive energy drink on the market, it is also because consumers perceived a greater quality in its products.


In the consumers’ imaginary, Red Bull is seen as a fun brand, because young and dynamic. It is also perceived as energetic, and youthful: by drinking Red Bull you feel better, you have more energy and power and then you can even feel younger. Thanks to its great events, Red Bull has also shown its non-conformist identity, by doing something that no other brand has ever tried or dared. By drinking Red Bull, you finally feel free of doing what you want: as the last ad explains “the only limit is the one you set yourself”!


By creating first informal and then official Red Bull community, the brand has managed to develop loyalty form its consumers and attachment. Indeed, more than just an energy drink, Red Bull has become a real media that is now followed by several millions of fans. By entering this community, a real fan won’t consume any other energy drink anymore. Red Bull is now a lot more than just a drink: it is a real “way of life” for its consumers!


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